Jaclyn Simson

Graduation Year: 2018

Current Job Position/Title and Company: Marketing Specialist at Blackhawk Network

Clubs/Activities Participated in While at Fordham: Swimming club, Fordham Marketing Association, Research Assistant

What Led You to Choose Your Current Job? The role was closely aligned with my career goals, Coworkers seemed very friendly, Company offered good benefits, Location provided a very short commute for me

Advice for Current Fordham Students: Start looking for jobs early and create a spreadsheet to keep track of your applications. Be open to everything (industry, company, location, etc.). Share your resume and cover letter with several different people to get insights/advice (friends, family, Fordham Career Services, professors, independent career services companies). Practice answering interview questions. Connect with your professors, deans, and anyone you meet who can assist you in your job search. Always send thank you notes and try to ask for feedback from recruiters so you know how to improve upon your resume, cover letter, interview, etc. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and full of material (also make sure to include a professional looking profile picture). If you have the time, create a website (it could be on Wix or other websites that enable you to create your own webpage for free) that showcases the work that you have done at school, clubs, jobs (projects that you can share, excluding confidential information), etc. A website will help you differentiate yourself from other applicants.

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