Jolaubi Osho

Graduation Year: 2013

Current Job Position/Title and Company: Coordinator/ Universal Music and Founder/ HERoines Inc.

Clubs/Activities Participated in While at Fordham: Fordham BASA and Fordham Orientation Leader

What Led You to Choose Your Current Job? I'm passionate about music and how it is a way of expression and unity. No matter where you are in the world, who you are, and what you have been through your life has been affected by music. HERoines happened organically. I wanted to be sure to create a safe space where women can empower and share their stories to look out for one another. The real world doesn't have rules but it's easier to navigate with support, motivation, and constantly stepping out of your comfort zone.

Advice for Current Fordham Students: Work hard! Always read and read about different things not just what you're passionate about. You'll be surprised what the one fun fact you learned about something totally random helped give you an edge over your competition and reading just helps you all around. Try new things always. You are in NYC take advantage of it though it is hard with so much coursework. There are so many things you can do for free. Stop thinking about networking as networking and a way in...  build real connections and it helps! What opportunities can you create to help someone but also learn from? Figured it out? Go set it up and it can provide experience even if it doesn't automatically lead to something. Chill and keep calm! Once you are doing the work and always working on yourself it will happen. It may not happen when you want it but it WILL when you NEED it. Always take care of yourself, always think about how you can be better, and give yourself breaks and rewards!

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