Jon Chew

Graduation Year: 2018

Current Job Position/Title and Company: Assistant Account Executive at McCann New York

Clubs/Activities Participated in While at Fordham: FMA, Asian Culture Exchange

What Led You to Choose Your Current Job? I have always been interested in advertising and the workings of the industry. I interned at McCann the summer after my junior year and was able to be exposed to the ins and outs of the company and how everything works. I enjoy the people, the culture, and the work that we are able to create here!

Advice for Current Fordham Students: In the advertising industry, it's ok to still be unemployed after college for a little. I didn't receive an offer from McCann until after graduation in June. It's always great to network and stay connected with people, and honestly just show you have a genuine interest in something. Appearing as a young, eager adult with interests will go a long way and make you more likable!

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